A quick look back at the blog

I’ve been blogging occasionally over the last few years, and there is no denying that this is a (very) niche blog mostly focusing on the interaction between healthcare, technology, machine learning and process analytics as they relate to operations.

Despite that I’m delighted that the blog had the sum total of 7384 views (!) from 4782 unique visitors (!!) suggesting that the average visitor reads 1.54 posts (!!!).

Realizing that some of the folks who land here do so by accident or are bots, that suggests to me that the average # of reads by real people who land here is much higher, which is gratifying.

Most traffic, of course, comes from the USA. A big hi to the one person who read me from Tanzania.


The most popular posts on the blog are the following:

  1. What big data visualization analytics can learn from Radiology
  2. What medicine can learn from Wall Street, Part 1 (& related posts)
  3. Mentoring, Compassion, Curing and Healing
  4. The danger of choosing the wrong metric
  5. Why does everything work in vitro but not in vivo?
  6. Black Swans, Antifragility, Six Sigma & healthcare operations.