MIT webinar on systems thinking for patient wait times

This should be interesting tomorrow….

This is just a quick post, but these guys are obviously coming up with similar thoughts to the ones I am having.  I am curious to know if they are merely following a six-sigma “low hanging fruit” approach or have started iterative refinement of processes with #timestamped data, possibly with workflow modification (and adaptation!!!) as well.  It is hard to come across competitive data on what people are doing out there – some aren’t eager to disclose competitive information, vs. not really understanding what is being asked (more likely).

And ultimately I am curious to see how they are modeling things, if at all.  Is it a Generalized Linear Model, or are they doing something different?

Excited to see what these gents have come up with – bright people – one from MIT, the other from Amazon.

Hat tip to Paul Levy’s Blog and @Docweighsin on twitter for alerting me about this.  Paul Levy is a consistent source of great, high-level thinking on the internet.